Workers in Iraq
with special guest Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
Friday, June 13
12 noon
Boardroom 1
Maritime Labour Centre
111 Victoria Drive
An intimate discussion over lunch about the US Invasion of Iraq and its impact on the working people.
Please RSVP to the VDLC Office – space is limited
(contact info below)
Lunch is $8
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi was born in 1971 and spent her early childhood in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.  At the age of 7 she returned to the United States with her family and eventually graduated from the University of Pennsylvannia School of Medicine.  In 2004 she returned to Iraq to visit family and went again in 2006.  Based on her experiences she is speaking out against the negative impact of the US invasion on the Iraqi people and the need to end the occupation.

Workers in Iraq: with Dr Dahlia Wasfi

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