Vancouver’s NPA dominated Park Board voted yesterday against a motion to celebrate International Women’s Day.

During debate on the motion at the Board’s March 06 meeting, NPA park commissioners referred to women as a  "special interest group" as they argued against the motion which was moved by COPE Commissioner Loretta Woodcock,

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, Commissioner Woodcock put the motion forward asking the Park Board to explore ways to celebrate IWD in 2007 by working with City Hall.

"I am appalled the current Park Board doesn’t deem the women and girls living in Vancouver as worthy of any effort by the Park Board to work with the City’s Equal Employment Office to recognize and celebrate women on International Women’s Day for the year 2007," said Woodcock. "City Hall celebrates International Women’s Day, why can’t the Park Board assist in expanding that celebration to communities across the city? It’s not about the money. I asked that the Park Board work with the city to share resources and keep costs low."

Woodcock wanted the Park Board to work with the City and community groups, including the Board’s 23 community centre partners, to recognize the contribution of women to their communities and society, and as makers of history.
International Women’s Day has been celebrated since 1909, is designated by many countries as a national holiday, and is commemorated at the United Nations.

The City of Vancouver is hosting official International Women’s Day celebrations at City Hall on Wed, March 08.

Women "special interest group" says NPA

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