We are a democratic, member based organization, and because of this, all of our policy is approved by our membership.

As we approach the 2014 election, we will be putting more of our policies online here.

Policy Conference

On the weekend of March 29th and 30th, we will hold our Policy Conference. This conference is an opportunity for COPE members to have their say in what COPE advocates for.

In the lead-up to the Policy Conference, members are encouraged to submit policy proposals to be voted on by the membership. These proposals will be added to the COPE website, so that members can discuss them in advance of the Policy Conference.

More information on the Policy Conference is available here.

Policy Workshops and Community Forums

Policy isn’t just created at the Policy Conference. Any COPE member can develop ideas in advance and have them approved by the membership.

If you are interested about an issue you would like COPE to take on, you can organize a workshop or community forum to develop this idea further and hear from COPE members and the general public. If you would like to arrange one of these meetings, please contact us.