COPE will ensure that the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) complaints process be monitored by a completely independent body, with no reporting obligations to the VPD.

COPE will create a civilian-run police complaints system empowered to conduct investigations and order police to co-operate with enforcement decisions.

COPE will create an ombudsperson-style body to oversee complaints against the police that would answer to Council, with a proper budget in order to ensure its effectiveness.

COPE will explore ways to support third-party independent, community-led police oversight organizations.

COPE will return the police budget to pre-2008 levels, based on the results of a municipal Budget Priorities participatory consultation process. Based on the results of this process, COPE will transfer civic resources to housing, social survices, and other essential community initiatives.

COPE will reallocate police resources to ensure full and proper investigation of complaints of male violence against women, in keeping with the full recommendations of the Murdered and Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry.

COPE will support community infrastructure and organizations that help individuals address systemic violence in their communities without sole recourse to police and state authorities.

COPE will ensure that the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) engage in regular and frequent mandatory training sessions on current and historic colonial violence in Vancouver, particularly addressing misogyny and racism.

COPE will support inclusion in VPD training sessions on marginalized groups, including but not limited to Sikh, Muslim, Black, Indigenous, First Nations, Metis, Inuit, transgender people, queer people of colour, and other racialized communities.

COPE will ensure that police explicitly rely upon and incorporate learning from local grassroots organizations recognized as front-line experts in violence against women, including transgender women.

COPE will eliminate civic By-laws that police public space and function to criminalize the lives of survival street-level sex workers and other low-income and vulnerable people.

COPE will declare warrants or arrests unenforceable for those who are seeking police support against violence and abuse.

COPE will make the enforcement of provincial and federal anti-squatting laws the lowest priority for police resources.