Strong action on climate change

COPE is committed to a just and sustainable city and will work to achieve this by providing options to meet basic needs that reduce emissions and support environmental well-being. COPE  is a strong and vocal opponent of development and resource exploitation that endangers the health and well-being of our planet and future generations.


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Vision Vancouver claims that Vancouver is on its way to being the world’s “greenest city.” Yet in several important areas, Vancouver is heading in the wrong direction. According to a report by city staff, Vancouver’s tree canopy has shrunk by 20% since 1995. Existing buildings along with mature trees and landscaping continue to be demolished and thrown into landfills to make way for energy and resource intensive condominium towers. After five years of Vision government, greenhouse gas emissions in Vancouver have only decreased by an estimated 4 percent; this is a far cry from Vision’s stated goal of a 33 percent reduction by 2020. To actually meet this target we must adopt real community-based solutions, not top down public relations campaigns.



COPE will provide affordable and accessible public transit to increase ridership and lower emissions from cars and trucks. To look past local initiatives to tackle the global problem of climate change, COPE will take a strong stand against proposed Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline extension and work to decrease current levels of oil tanker traffic through Vancouver’s ports.

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