Our platform is developed by COPE members who are passionate about policy to make Vancouver a more affordable and sustainable city to live in.


COPE’s 2014 Election Platform featured a call for a tax on absentee landlords and vacant properties, a universal bus pass, and increased minimum wage and is summarized in easy reading form at www.votecope.ca(under Issues and Campaigns).
It was passed at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday July 6th, 2014,based on recommendations from the Policy Conference in March of that year.
You can read the complete list of items COPE members ratified at the July 6th, 2014 Annual General meeting here: 2014 Platform


In 2011, we called for an affordable and sustainable Vancouver. The highlights of our platform were the call for a public housing authority, community passes (similar to the U-Pass) to make transportation affordable. We called for an update to the Cycling Master Plan, tiered business taxes to make it easier for small businesses to succeed, taking ‘big money’ out of Vancouver elections, and strengthening the Four Pillars Strategy. We campaigned on increased funding and decreased class sizes in our schools, and more public washrooms in our parks.

Our entire 2011 Election Platform available here.


In 2008, we campaigned on building We also campaigned on making Translink accountable to users by creating an elected Translink board, and extending the low-income, $45 bus pass to all senior citizens.

Our 2008 Election Platform is available here.


In 2005, we campaigned on pushing Translink to freeze faresopposed gambling expansion, continuing the Four Pillars Strategy, making Vancouver more bike-friendly by expanding bikeways, and applying fair wage policy for all city projects.

Our 2005 Election Platform is available here.