Reducing costs for parents: $10/day child care
The City should enter into negotiations with the Provincial government to make Vancouver a “pilot city” for a comprehensive universal child care program:
The City will be responsible for creating the spaces needed to accommodate existing and new need (see below).
The Province will expand fee reductions making child care $10/day for all children; because of parents re-entering the workforce, new provincial revenues are expected to exceed the cost; any lag in revenues could be covered by a minor increase in “Provincial School” property levy.
Ensure that Early Childhood Educators are paid a living wage of at least $25 per hour plus 20% benefits in a unionized environment.

Create 7,500 new early child care spaces

The City of Vancouver should double its capital plan budget from $30 million (2014-2018) to $60 million so that we can create the 7,500 new early child care spaces required for universal early child care in the next four years (2019-2023).

The City should immediately conduct a needs assessment, identify locations for child care facilities and providers, and create a plan for roll-out of universal child care in the City of Vancouver; and create a centralized waitlist – a resource used in Ottawa and Quebec – which would serve as a database for those seeking information on child care availability.