Submitted by Team Jean

Sanctuary City
Call on the Vancouver Police Department to refrain from identifying and sharing anyone’s immigration status. We need proper training for all staff so they are fully aware of the policy and that they proactively create an environment that’s inviting to those without status.

Submitted by Rider Coeey

Whereas instead of declaring Vancouver a “Sanctuary City” similar to Los Angeles, Vancouver City Council approved on April 6, 2016 a policy named “Access Without Fear,” which applies to city services other than police, parks, and libraries— which are governed by semi-autonomous boards
Whereas the Vancouver Police Board approved on June 16, 2016, five policy amendments recommended by the Vancouver Police Department regarding “Detention Pursuant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act [IRPA]
Whereas among the VPD policy recommendations, two specify that
1) “The VPD will not limit officers’ discretion from contacting the CBSA [Canadian Border Services Agency] during police investigations….”
and that
2) “When a person [is] arrested under [IRPA] without a warrant… CBSA Inland Enforcement Section will be contacted and authorization will be obtained to hold that person as an Immigration detainee.”

That if elected, a COPE Mayor and/or Councillors will submit and support motions
calling on
> the Vancouver Police Board to immediately rescind its approval of those two amendments
> the Vancouver Police Department to stop identifying and sharing anyone’s immigration status/non-status.