2. Transit

2.1 COPE will work to reduce transit fares, with a view to eliminating them within 4 years and issuing community transit passes.

2.2 COPE will work with Translink to make transit more accessible, especially to riders that face physical and economic barriers.

2.3 COPE will pursue lower-cost, more flexible bus or light rail transit service enhancements, especially along the Broadway corridor, in preference to high-cost, long-delayed, and inappropriate subway-based systems.

2.3.1 COPE will advocate to add two overhead lines for electric buses, and for the city to buy more electric buses with on-board batteries to maneuver traffic when necessary without tolley lines.

2.4 COPE will insist that the Translink board be democratically elected.

2.5 COPE will use best practices, proven precedents, and intelligent planning to create a strong and cost -effective transit system that will serve both existing demand and expected growth.

2.6 COPE will ensure public consultation and transparent planning for all major projects.

2.7 COPE will advocate for the reduction of excessive executive and management salaries at Translink to control costs.

2.8 COPE will dedicate parking fees and violation fine revenue to provision of free shuttle bus services.

2.9 COPE will advocate to increase HandyDART service, and make HandyDART a direct subsidiary of Translink rather than contracting it out to for-profit operators.

2.10 COPE will oppose demolition of the Georgia/Venables Viaduct structures unless realistic alternatives are in place.

2.10.1 COPE will oppose the loss of any land currently dedicated to either Cottonwood or Strathcona Community Gardens to the rerouting of Georgia Viaduct traffic, as first expressed in 2012, as well any loss of park land in Strathcona to accommodate traffic.

2.11 COPE will Implement an identifying card or sticker for riders with disabilities to display when using transit.

2.12 COPE will campaign for:

control of Translink be returned to Metro Vancouver, and its governing board be democratically elected;
reducing excessive executive and management salaries;
HandyDART be made a direct subsidiary of Translink rather than contracting it out to for-profit operators.

12.13 COPE will:
Target accident risk locations using best practices safety measures to
eliminate vehicle collisions with pedestrians;
Introduce Pedestrian Scrambles at intersections where most collisions with pedestrians occur;
Encourage a mixed use of city streets by making streets more attractive to bikers, walkers, children and skateboarders, through boulevard gardens, street paintings, public art, community events, car-free weekends and other creative measures that work to traffic calm neighbourhoods.
Increase enforcement of speeding and other laws affecting pedestrian safety.

12.14 Cope will encourage increased transit use by:
ensuring equitable transit access and work to reduce car use;
contribute to climate target reductions in Green House Gas levels set by provincial government;
allow civic U-Passes for welfare recipients, low-income families, or other targeted groups.

12.15 Cope will ensure effective consultation with transit users, neighbourhoods and businesses to develop the following projects as quickly as possible:

Three new B-Lines (Victoria/Commercial; Hastings; 41st Av. To UBC) with priority traffic signals and dedicated bus lanes;
80% more Night Bus service immediately, plus examination of more routes;
30% more Handy Dart service, plus lobbying efforts to increase to 50% more;
More frequent all-day and peak service on all bus routes;
Eliminate pass-bys on all bus routes;
Improved pedestrian walking and waiting facilities at transit stops.