Sanctuary City

8.1 COPE will ensure that Vancouver becomes a Sanctuary City, where all people, regardless of status, are free to access essential services without fear of detention and deportation.

8.2 COPE will neither co-operate nor be complicit in the agenda of federal immigration authorities to unjustly and inhumanely detain and deport migrants, and will ensure access to services without fear for all residents of Vancouver.

8.3 Through Sanctuary City, COPE will:

8.3.1 Enable access to pre-existing basic services for all Vancouver residents, regardless of status,

8.3.2 Oppose the use of municipal funds, resources, and workers, including the Vancouver Police Department, in enforcing federal immigration laws,

8.3.3 Support the regularization of all non-status persons, and put an end to detentions and deportations that often result from residents accessing basic services, such as transit,

8.3.4 Establish a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for service providers to ensure no disclosure of immigration information to federal immigration authorities and provide access to services without fear.

8.4 COPE will actively challenge anti- migrant depictions of precarious status individuals as potential threats to the city and will support organizations that provide services that respond to the unique needs of migrants and those with precarious status in Vancouver.