3. Labour and Living Wage

3.1 COPE will propose an amendment to the Vancouver Charter to confer powers upon the City allowing it to set a municipal minimum wage for the City of Vancouver with the aim of closing the gap between the minimum wage and the local living wage (currently at $21 per hour).

3.1.1 COPE will call on the federal and provincial governments to increase the provision of public pensions in Canada, improving both the funding and benefit structures.

3.2 Advocate for increasing the minimum wage to $15/hr province-wide which would place a minimum wage worker just above the poverty line – in solidarity with other municipalities and in line with recommendations from Raise the Rates.

3.3 COPE will ensure that direct and indirect employees of the city are paid at a living wage.

3.4 COPE Work on a viable model to implement a Guaranteed Liveable Income, which we would be available to all citizens, permanent residents, and refugees, is structured to recognize family composition and special needs, such as medical expenses, and is set high enough to foster social participation and ensure that everyone has access to food, clothing, and housing.

3.5 COPE will not contract out any Vancouver City Services, nor enter into Public Private Partnerships.

3.6 COPE will ensure that any building trades working for the City of Vancouver or working on City contracts must have their TQ, and City inspectors must check the tickets of workers and record ticket numbers.

3.7 COPE will ensure that all contractors working on City contracts must be Licensed Contractors, and that every licensed business post Employment Standards in the workplace.

3.8 COPE will protect worker mental health against significant work-related stressor(s), including bullying or harassment, or a cumulative series of significant work-related stressors, arising out of and in the course of the worker’s employment by:

3.8.1 Directing excluded staff to work cooperatively with unions representing City of Vancouver employees to pro-actively educate for and uphold safe, respectful, and inclusive work environments for all workers.

3.8.2 Enacting an independent office, such as an Ombudsperson or equivalent designate, to protect complainant confidentiality and document alleged bullying violations.

3.8.3 Commence disciplinary action against any supervisory designate who causes to unreasonably suspend or constructively or wrongly dismiss an employee.

3.8.4 Commence disciplinary action against any employee who files a written complaint which would be seen by a reasonable person to be frivolous, vindictive, or vexatious.