Drug Reform

10.1 COPE will support drug reform and adopt evidence-based harm reduction.

10.1.1 COPE will work to stop the fentanyl crisis immediately because too many people are dying.

10.1.2 COPE will work with user groups and others to campaign at all levels of government for decriminalization, clean, safe drugs and treatment in venues welcoming to all people, including Indigenous people.

10.1.3 COPE will put oxygen tanks in community centres to help revive people who overdose.

10.1.4 COPE will provide clinic space for assisted heroin treatment.

10.2 COPE will advocate integration of harm reduction services into the regional health care system and give real support to community-based, grassroots initiatives.

10.3 COPE will lobby the federal government and join social movements calling for expanded harm reduction and a public system of regulated drug use.

10.4 COPE will advocate an on-demand treatment model, culturally specific treatment services, and other reforms emerging from organizations and affected communities.

10.5 COPE will ensure that Mental Health Act (MHA) definitions are not extended to drug addiction and drug use, and that the MHA is not used as a means to apprehend, certify, or displace marginalized populations. COPE will require the Vancouver Police Department to clarify the definition of harm to self, as defined under the MHA).