Arts and Culture

16.1 COPE will undertake a complete audit of all existing artist studio spaces and live performance venues. The results will help provide guidelines for the retention and creation of affordable art and performance spaces.

16.2 COPE will establish Cultural Land Reserves to protect Vancouver’s dwindling and struggling facilities that exist, particularly in the Downtown Eastside, and other valued venues like the Hollywood Theatre and protect dedicated buildings within the Cultural Land Reserves so that they cannot be gentrified into condominiums.

16.3 COPE will create a Vancouver Endowment for the Arts, that would be modelled after both the Canada Council for the Arts and the Vancouver Foundation.

16.4 COPE will broaden the existing Poet Laureate position to include additional artistic disciplines such as visual arts, new media, music, drama and dance.

16.5 COPE will support and advocate for the Arts, Film, Culture and Tourism. Continue to invest in Vancouver’s civic theatres and provide sponsorship to cultural events across the city. Will work with local neighbourhoods to preserve the viability of cultural, educational, and recreational amenities through various measures such as tax relief and zoning relaxations.

16.6 COPE will improve Arts and Cultural spaces and events funding and will insure that people who are economically disadvantaged have access to those civically funded Arts & Cultural spaces and events. And COPE will strongly advocate that the BC government restore funding from the BCLC to Arts, Culture, and Sports.

16.7 COPE will respect and protect Heritage buildings and viewscapes as central to Vancouver’s identity.

16.8 COPE will support the preservation of Vancouver’s history by updating the Heritage Registry.

16.9 COPE will work with partner community associations and other organizations to expand and enhance arts and culture programs, including a concerted effort to outreach to arts and culture groups throughout the city, in particular those who either lack awareness of current opportunities, or who have not previously been given the opportunity to participate.

16.10 COPE will encourage arts and culture groups in the city to have input into the design of new and renovated parks and facilities.