COPE’s 2018 platform is presented in its most readable form on our campaign website at

It is based on a living document which continues to receive input and refinement via our Policy and Constitution Committee in consultation with our 2018 candidates. Here is a link to view the work in progress as a google doc. This was compiled by COPE’s Policy and Constitution Committee to combine updated versions of our 2014 policies with resolutions adopted at our recent Policy Conference (of 7 April 2018) – and confirmed at the June 10 Nominations Meeting where we also confirmed that it includes all of the City We Need document which was the foundation of Jean Swanson’s epic campaign in the 2017 byelection. Here is a link to a .pdf of its status at 11:59pm on June 7

Anyone interested in the process of policy development can also review the policy motions that were addressed at those meetings, and records of past COPE policy platforms are also available.