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Key takeaways from the meeting were a sense of enthusiasm for working together and of the need to ensure that development in Vancouver is primarily in service of its people and their communities rather than the financial interests of developers. While parties and community groups may differ in their emphasis, our common priority is to restore and protect the status of Vancouver as a liveable city for *all* of those who are already here, before (or instead of) making it a destination or investment vehicle for the global financial elite. Some, such as the Tenants’ Union and the Green Party have particular areas of special emphasis but these are not in conflict so this does not preclude working together. In other cases it is hard to identify any difference of policy objectives and the only differences may be strategic – ie wrt the question of whether or not to include Vision Vancouver in any political alliance. (Tim Louis applauds the decision not to include them at this stage and urges that it continue.)

What we achieved on March 11