WERA is hosting an evening with Ottawa Clr Clive Doucet at the Coal Harbour Community Centre at 480 Broiughton St, Vancouver with the Coal Harbour Residents Association.

 We have invited Ottawa City Councilor Clive Doucet to give a talk on climate change and democratic reform. Mr Doucet is the author of a recently published book entitled Urban Melt Down:  Cities, Climate Change and Politics as Usual. Mr Doucet will a very compelling and interesting speaker and he will speak on issues of relevance to Vancouver civic affairs and politics. For more info on Coucilor Ducet and his book please visit his web page at: <http://www.urban-meltdown.com/>http://www.urban-meltdown.com/

The event is going to be a wine and cheese and a lot of fun.

 The tickets will be $20 each.

This  event will be a great opportunity to meet people in the community. WERA is working hard to have a good representation of COV Councilors, activist, and media at the event.  I look forward to hearing from you.

WERA hosts Ottawa Cllr Clive Doucet

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