Today some of the COPE Candidates and a Campaign Worker were leafleting at Vancouver Community College.  I was impressed at how many people not only took a leaflet, but slowed down and actually started reading it.  So much for the negative stereotyping of the "twenty-something" generation as one that doesn’t care about politics or being involved with their community!

Later in the day, I was leafleting at the Nanaimo St Skytrain Station.  Many people took leaflets.  Sometimes, I would be handing a leaflet to one person, and another person would walk by and gesture to me to give them one, too!  I hope that this helps motivate people to vote; in 2005, our city councillors, school trustees, and parks commissioners in Vancouver were elected by only 32% of eligible voters. 

My favourite experience of the day was at the VCC leafleting.  I handed a leaflet to a woman who was hurrying past.  A couple of minutes later, the same woman walked back to me and said "I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to be rude – I’m going to be late for my class – but I looked at the leaflet and I realized "This woman is actually trying to DO SOMETHING!  Thank you for putting yourself forward."  

That made my day!

Wednesday, October 22 – Making a Difference

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