Today I went downtown to tape a clip for Shaw TV.  On the way, I met Doug Warkentin and his partner.   I first met Doug when the COPE and the Green Party ran a joint slate in the 1999 Vancouver elections, which resulted in the first Green Party candidate, Roslyn Cassells, being elected to Park Board.

Doug and I have always had very cordial relations, even though we have sometimes been contestants in the same election!  He was the Green Party candidate in Vancouver-Langara when I was the NDP candidate in 2005, and recently he was the Green Party candidate in Vancouver-Kingsway while I was volunteering for Don Davies.  Nevertheless, we have a great deal of respect for each other, and have common views on many issues.

This is why I was in favour of the agreement between COPE, the Green Party, and Vision.  We share the same views on many issues and can respect each other when we disagree.  We CAN elect a progressive government in Vancouver by working with, and not against, each other.

Wednesday, October 15 – COPE, Greens, and Vision

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