At the October 17 meeting of the Vancouver Parks Board, the NPA amended the staff’s motions recommending public consultation on the future of Strathcona’s Trillium Lands. This land was purchased by the Park Board in 1993 and is located between the National Work Yards and the Providence Health Care site.

“The community of Strathcona deserves a public consultation on the future of the Trillium Lands. The NPA is not allowing for Strathcona, a predominately Chinese and Working Class community to decide how it wants to use this public space. Why is the NPA pushing for two full sized playing field in this location when so many in the community have stated they want a family orientated park?” argued COPE Executive member Meena Wong. “Why are the views of the Chinese Community being ignored?” concluded Wong.

COPE Commissioners Herbert and Woodcock, as well as Independent De Genova, voted in favour of the public consultation process. Unfortunately, the NPA controlled Park Board defeated the motion that would have allowed the community to participate in shaping their neighbourhood park. Strathcona, Ray-Cam, Carnegie, and Mount Pleasant Community Centres and the Grandview Woodland Area Council all called for consultation on this 7.5 acre site.

Commissioner Woodcock further lamented the NPA’s cavalier decision, “I fail to see any justification for ignoring the consensus of these surrounding communities.”
“It’s very disturbing to see the NPA failing to bring both sides of this land use discussion together to find an acceptable solution. With proper public consultation, we could surely find common ground between those who want playing fields and those who want to see passive park space.”

COPE Commissioners Spencer Herbert and Loretta Woodcock will be holding a press conference at the Trillium land on Friday, November 3 at 11 to illustrate that they are committed to fighting for a consultation process for the community of Strathcona.

“We don’t want to hear it”: NPA to Strathcona community

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