Voting tips for November 15

Please get out and vote for COPE, Vision and Green candidates on November 15.

Advance polls indicate strong interest. A total of 15,188 people voted in advance polls this year,  compared to 8,763 people in 2005 and 6,306 in 2002.

When COPE supporters get out and vote, COPE candidates win.

Polls will be open from 8 am to 8 pm on Sat, Nov 15. There  are 135 voting places at polls across the city. If you haven’t received a “Where to Vote Card” and don’t know where to vote, call COPE at: 604-255-0400 to find out where your poll is located.

If you are already registered, you should have received a “Where to Vote” card in the mail. You must vote at the voting place shown on the card. Bring the card with you to your voting place.

If you didn’t receive a card, call COPE at 604-255-0400, or the Vancouver Election Office at 604-873-7681.

If you are registering on Election Day bring two pieces of identification with you. One piece of ID must have your signature, and one that shows a current address. You will also need to complete and sign an application form.  Election officials at the voting place also have discretion to accept ID that is not on the above list.

If you have only one acceptable ID document, or no ID showing an address, you will be asked to take a “Declaration of Voter Identity and Residency” before an election official. The Declaration would take the place of the second piece of ID. You will then be permitted to vote.

For a full list of acceptable identification, go to or call 604.873.7681.

For more information about the voting process call COPE at 604-255-0400, or  Vancouver Election Office 604-873-7681

Your COPE, Vision, Green Slate
Promises, Promises…10 Reasons why you need to vote on Saturday, November 15

These are some of the decisions that Peter Ladner and the NPA made while in control of Vancouver City Hall since 2005.

1. Olympic Village. The NPA reduced the ratio of social housing from 30 percent  to 20 percent, resulting in a high end development and leaving low-income Vancouverites out in the cold.

2. Project Civil City. The NPA council added another layer of expensive bureaucracy and gave more than $1 million for private security guards, but brought us no closer to solving homelessness and crime in our neighbourhoods.

3. NPA fires Board of Variance. The citizens on the Board of Variance were fired for standing up for East Vancouver residents who wanted to protect their community from an out-of-town developer who was bulldozing the local community gardens. The NPA replaced them with NPA hacks.

4. Big Box Stores. The NPA majority approved a big box Canadian Tire store on Marine Drive, opening “Pandora’s Big Box” for a Wal-Mart that will crush local  business.

5. Ecodensity. Sam Sullivan and Peter Ladner ignored the decades-long City Plan process, and railroaded their own idea of density, by pitting neighbour against neighbour.  There is no “eco” in EcoDensity.

6. Rising transit fares. TransLink raised fares again this year but COPE Cllr David Cadman sought to reverse the increase and establish a citizen’s advisory committee at TransLInk to determine future increases.  The NPA said no.

7. Disbanding  Citizen’s Advisory Committees. Sam Sullivan and the NPA scrapped the Peace and Justice Committe, refused to set up a Women’s Advisory Committe and fired all the citizen volunteers of the other committees. They were replaced by NPA hacks.

8. Scrapping of Youth Advocate. Peter Ladner justified the scrapping of the Youth Advocate position by saying  that such work should be done by politicians, not staff. Feel the love?

9. Stopped funding Chinese Seniors Coordinator. Peter Ladner outraged DTES  groups by cutting funding for DERA’s Chinese Seniors Coordinator, claiming an alleged conspiracy between DERA and the Anti-Poverty Committee which embarrasses Ladner and the NPA over the Olympic boondoggle. Peter got his revenge,  but Chinese seniors suffer.

10. Downtown Ambassadors Program. A private security firm masquerading as a service to tourists – the Downtown Ambassadors – got city funding when the NPA changed the rules and  gave their big-business pals  a no-bid $1 million plus  contract.  The VPD will sue the city if Ladner and the NPA are re-elected.

Volunteer with COPE!

We’re confident that your COPE, Vision and Green candidates can return progressive government to Vancouver — but we need your help!

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Vote On November 15