Speaking at today’s Anti-War Rally in downtown Vancouver, COPE Co-Chair Ellen Woodsworth called for Vancouver’s civic leaders to again take action in working for peace.

"This is the city that put up signs saying ‘Nuclear Free City’," said Woodsworth. "This is the city that set up a Peace and Justice Committee at city hall, that created an annual citizen’s peace award, and that hosted the World Peace Forum in 2006.

"But this current NPA government at city hall has forgotten the word peace, and has scrapped all of those initiatives."

In the 1980s hundreds of thousands of Vancouverites marched in the biggest peace demonstrations ever seen in Canada. In 1989 former COPE Councillor Libby Davies even swam around a US aircraft carrier in English Bay to protest the presence of nuclear weapons in Vancouver. No nuclear powered warships have entered Vancouver since.

Woodsworth urged the crowd to "return a government to city hall this November that will once again make Vancouver a leader in working for peace."

The Anti-War rally was organized by the StopWar Coalition of 160 local organizations, and featured punk rocksters DOA and community activists who urged Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative government to end its involvement in the war in Afghanistan.

Vancouver needs to re-take leadership as peace city.

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