The meeting was preceded by a Pizza Education Session  featuring a presentation on Proportional Representation for Federal Votes where we learned more about ways in which Canada’s “first-past-the-post” electoral system is undemocratic, and about two models for proportional representation that present viable options for a better system.

The monthly meeting was called to order at 7:30

Guest speakers included

  • Sgt David Smith, RCMP Union Rep re communication between unions and police re leafleting, pickets etc.
  • Lawrence Cameron from United Way Lower Mainland encouraging support and emphasising positive impact of United Way in our communities
  • Co-chair of BC Health Coalition Edith MacHattie on BC Supreme Court Case ‘The Legal Attack on Public Health Care’ Dr. Brian Day see updates at and support the Coalition

President Joey Hartman’s Report Included

  • Employment Standards Coalition to look at current protections or lack of such for non-unionized workers
  • Protein for people – Adding salmon and peanut butter to food bank offerings
  • VDLC”s work with the Metro Vancouver Alliance – Credited the challenge put to all mayoralty candidates to adopt the living wage if elected for the adoption of this by Vancouver City Council September 2016

Provincial election version  of the Metro Vancouver Alliance Forum will be April 4 at Italian Cultural Centre


Vancouver District Labour Council Meeting October 18, 2016