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Vancouver City Hall is Asleep – Let’s Wake Them up!

The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) is proud to endorse the “Sleep Over at City Hall” on Friday June 3rd.

City Hall’s ongoing densification throughout Vancouver caters to developer greed while Vancouver’s lack of affordable housing is yet to be addressed.

When: Friday June 3, 2016; event begins at 12 pm, speakers at 12:30pm.

Where: Vancouver City Hall, 453 W 12 Ave, Vancouver, BC

On Friday June 3, 2016, 12 pm onwards, COPE will join the “Sleep Over at City Hall” at the Vancouver City Hall, 453 W 12 Ave, Vancouver, BC, to protest the city’s pro-developer agenda and its lack of action on the housing crisis in Vancouver.

Event organizers call on anyone concerned with the Vancouver housing crisis to attend. “It started as political satire but it now has the potential to become a movement,” says Michael Schellenberg, one of the event’s organizers. “Many are being invited. We are hoping for a lot of people to show up.”

The disappearance of rental and social housing in Vancouver within a city plan that revolves around the building of tiny expensive condos and large unoccupied houses, affects everyone. Such irresponsible densification increases pollution, and decreases green space and access to community services without providing housing for low and fixed income earners.

Speaking in a parody of a city employee, the Facebook event page calls on Vancouverites affected by lack of housing to sleep in the City Hall office cubicles until the crisis is resolved.

“There is a strong need for solidarity amongst people who really don’t have a voice. We need to talk about the real issues and make a list of demands,” says Schellenberg.

“I am looking forward to this conversation,” says Marilyn Hogan, Chair of the COPE Housing Committee. “It’s high time we brought to the fore the most pressing housing issues: irresponsible rezoning and densification, displacement due to renovictions and demovictions, lack of social housing, lack of rent controls, and gentrification”.

The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) is Vancouver’s oldest progressive electoral organization. Founded in 1968, it is a membership based organization that stands for affordability, environmental sustainability, and robust arts and culture. More information is available at

Vancouver City Hall is Asleep – Let’s Wake Them up!