For Immediate Release
October 14th, 2014

Today the NPA announced its housing platform, which included a watered-down version of Meena Wong’s plan to tax vacant properties. COPE announced its plan over a month ago. Since then the Green party and other parties have also proposed weaker versions of COPE’s proposal.

While the NPA is talking only about “foreign ownership,” COPE’s plan to place a Duty on Vacant Properties is comprehensive, as it is unrelated to the property owner’s place of primary residence.

“I have been clear that it doesn’t matter if you live in Dunbar, Toronto, Seattle, or overseas, if you can afford to leave some of your properties vacant, you can afford a surcharge,” said COPE’s Mayoral candidate Meena Wong. “And those revenues will go directly toward building city-owned affordable and social housing. No one else is saying that.”

“Both Vision and the NPA took over $1 million from property developers last election,” said Wong. “When it comes down to your vote on Nov. 15th, ask yourself: who do you trust to tackle real estate speculation?”

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Vancouver can’t trust the NPA to tackle real estate speculation