Vancouver Quadra By-election Climate Change Town Hall Meeting
Thursday March 6, 7:00 – 9:00  pm, St. James Community Square, West 10th Ave and Trutch
Moderated by Kirk LaPointe, Managing Editor, Vancouver Sun
Hosted by Voters Taking Action on Climate Change

Vancouver-Quadra has a federal By-Election on March 17.  The public is invited to hear the candidates’ views and their party’s policies on climate change, as well as their response to a proposed set of climate change policies (see below).  There will also be a discussion among audience members about how to use your vote effectively to ensure real action on climate change (i.e. voting strategically, or voting on principle?).  Written questions can be submitted in advance to — and are welcome from those across the province.  More information at

Proposed set of climate change policies to be put forward to the federal candidates:
1) Putting a price on carbon emissions using some combination of the following measures:

¨    a national tax on emissions, with tax levels rising over time;
 ¨    a cap and trade program for large emitters, with the cap declining over time;
 ¨    a carbon management standard for fuel producers and importers, with the percent of carbon captured and stored rising over time;

2) Working with the most progressive jurisdictions in North America to establish continually improving zero and low emission vehicle portfolio requirements (including vehicles for freight transportation), and continually improving fuel efficiency standards;

3) Developing continually improving federal appliance efficiency standards, and working with the provinces to establish continuously improving building codes;

4) Investing in the research and development of low and zero emission energy sources, energy conservation and efficiency, carbon capture and storage, and the enhancement of natural carbon sinks;

5) In particular, ensuring an absolute reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions from Alberta’s tar sands;

6) Establishing permanent, ongoing federal funding for public transit and an end to federal funding for highway expansion;

7) Ensuring that Canada takes a leadership role in multilateral initiatives to cut carbon emissions.

Van Quadra By-Election Meeting on Climate Change

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