COPE: Not just another political party. 

Our generation is often referred to as disillusioned, disenfranchised and even apathetic.  We disrespectfully disagree. Young people have expertise in everything from urban planning to environmental  studies and the arts and  we’re looking to put these skills to use  to  improve our world through  work in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Where we are not  getting involved – where we are disillusioned – is the area of politics. This is because, in our lifetimes,  we have seen sweet-little leadership
and innovation  coming from our governments.  But its our turn to take charge and look past the next  few years and past the Olympics,  because in 25 years,  we will still be here and we’ll be in it together.  This is about harnessing the ideas and expertise of our generation:  the first generation to grow up with  curbside recycling and to have come of age since  smoking was banned in bars. There are a lot of young people in COPE.  In fact, we have the  youngest political exec in the country.  One of our candidates Alvin, is 24.  And many of our staff, including  one of the managers, are under 30.

So, we’d like you to VOTE COPE.  But, more importantly, we’d like you to get involved and vote. Period. 

We think COPE’s issues are young people’s issues:

•    We take transit: more busses now, a free downtown busloop, U-Passes for all post secondary students and improved bike safety and access

•    We rent: protect rental stock in Vancouver

•    We want to have a fun city: consult with the public around bar-closing times and create an action plan to provide more options for evening entertainment for both adults and minors and work to increase the per capita spending on the arts to the Montreal level of $33

                     – a friendly note from the COPE Youth Caucus

Under 30?

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