Do not miss the UDI’s January Half Day Seminar – January 31, 2008

A number of important forces are underway that affect our futures.
There is an ever increasing awareness that the future of the planet is
fundamentally impacted by the sustainability of development.  Investors
are increasingly looking at the world in terms of major metropolitan
areas, and contrasting what each has to offer in terms of the
competitiveness of its key economic drivers, including such
considerations as transportation flow and the affordability of housing.
And citizens demand livability.

Join UDI members and guests for a series of presentations that will
examine a core element of the future of the Metro Vancouver region,
followed by a round table discussion among all the speakers.

To set the stage for the discussion, Ken Cameron and Mike Harcourt will
speak to how we got to where we are today, with examples from “‘City
Making in Paradise: Nine decisions that saved Vancouver”.  Key players
from the Province, Metro Vancouver, TransLink and the City of Vancouver
will describe the challenges from their perspective, and what they are
doing to respond.  Other elements will be examined, including how the
Agricultural Land Commission deals with “community need”, and the
implications of First Nations treaties like that at Tsawwassen.  And
private sector impacts will be fully explored.

Come and learn the latest regarding what land won’t be developable,
where the key transit lines will be, the density rules that will apply,
what impact the Province’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions will have, when regional authorities will have a hand in
decisions that have heretofore been local, and what kinds of changes can
be expected in the rules governing industrial land, office development,
and “affordable housing”.

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Dale Wall, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Community,  Aboriginal and
Women’s Services
Chris DeMarco, Regional Development Manager, Greater  Vancouver
Regional District.
Brent Toderian, MCIP, Director of Planning, City of  Vancouver
Ken Cameron, Chief Executive Officer, Homeowner Protection  Office
Mike Harcourt, former Premier of British Columbia, and former  Mayor,
City of Vancouver
Peter Kenward, Partner, McCarthy Tetrault LLP
Bob Laurie, President, W R Laurie and Associates
Sandra Cawley, AACI, RI(BC), Burgess Cawley Sullivan and  Associates

Course Coordinator:

Peter Kenward will coordinate the presentations, and lead a round table


What rules are going to guide growth and development in the GVRD going
What land won’t be developable?
What land is going to be developed more intensively?
How will the lower mainland’s economic needs be met?  Will there be an
industrial land reserve, and if so, what will it contain?
What rules will guide future office development, and will it be in
business parks or town centres?
Where will the key transit lines be, and when?
What instruments will be available to achieve “affordable housing”?
When is persuading Council not enough, and Regional Board approval is
What is the role of the Agricultural Land Commission when a “community
need” is asserted as outweighing agricultural interests?
What impact will the Province’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions have on land use decisions?
What instruments will be available to balance off “not in my back
yard” pressures?
What effects have previous major initiatives had, and what lessons can
be taken from them for the future?

Thursday, January 31st, 2008
Half Day Breakfast Seminar
7:30am – Registration
8:00am – 12:00pm Breakfast/Speakers
Hyatt Hotel – Regency Ballroom
655 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC

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Please call Maggie @ 604.669.9585 for registration information.

UDI January Half Day Seminar