Today I was campaigning for Don Davies just to the east of Little Mountain, where Queen Elizabeth Park and the Little Mountain Housing complex are located.  I met people who were unhappy with what has happened to both the park and the housing complex.  In July, over 70 trees in QE Park were cut down, and several more severely trimmed, despite the protests of many residents of both the immediate area and around Vancouver.  Over the past two years, most of the low-income residents of the housing complex have been moved out, even though there is a shortage of housing in Vancouver and no development of the Little Mountain Housing land is slated to take place until after the Olympics in 2010.  Many people in the Little Mountain neighbourhood have joined in protest with the residents who are trying to stay in their homes, but so far to no avail.  Why do we allow private interests – tourism and commercial interests in QE Park, and for-profit housing developers in the case of Little Mountain Housing (with the two senior governments both apparently eager to wash their hands of the low-income housing provided on the site), to take precedent over the wishes of those who value green space and oppose the shunting of low-income people out of their neighbourhood?

Tuesday, October 14 – Little Mountain

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