On Tuesday evening at the Park Board all-candidates meeting at Kerrisdale Community Centre, many questions centered on the issue of renovating and rebuilding our aging community centres, rinks, and pools.  Candidates from the various civic parties and most of the independents support the Community Centre Renewal Plan from 2002 as a starting point; they have different ideas about how long it might take and where the financial resources would come from.

COPE would like to see the Community Centre Renewal Plan and its companion, the Aquatic Services Review, reviewed if we get a progressive majority on Park Board, to see how well the two plans are achieving their goals, re-examine priorities, and search out the additional financial resources – Community Amenity Contributions and other development monies for amenities as Vancouver densifies, partnerships with the senior governments (as was done with the new Sunset Community Centre), for example.

On November 15, 2008, we will not only vote for Mayor, Council, School Board, and Park Board, but also on three Referendum questions asking the taxpayers’ permission to finance various infrastructure – everything from city streets and sidewalks and bridges to libraries.  One of the three questions concerns Park Board infrastructure.  The biggest single expenditure would be for a new Community Centre at Trout Lake of over $20 million, which would complete the renewal at Trout Lake that started with the new rink.   There is also money for playing fields, playgrounds, acquisition of park land, and many other less glamouress things such as maintenance equipment.   If the referendum fails, there would be no money are any of these things for the next three years!

Help creating a Vancouver for Everyone and vote "Yes" to the Capital Plan on November 15.

Tuesday, November 4 – Vote on the Capital Plan

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