Our Oil Spill Forum and General Meeting on Sunday June 28 in St James Community Square at 10th and Trutch (see map) coincides with the ‘Greek Day’ celebration on West Broadway. So those arriving by car are best advised to come early and expect to park closer to 16th Avenue rather than between 12th and 10th. But a much better option is to avoid the car and come by bike or transit.

If coming by bus along Broadway, then the best place to get off is at Macdonald since the buses will be diverted North to 4th Avenue at that point. This is just a 4 block walk from Trutch, but if the walk is uncomfortable for you, we will be providing a shuttle service from the SW corner of Broadway and Macdonald – with pickups at 1:15 and 1:30 (sharp). If you want to use this service, please call 604-733-8394 before midnight on Saturday and leave a message.

P.S. If walking along Broadway, please don’t get too distracted by the Greek festivities. They will still be on at the end of our meeting so we can all head over for some fine food, music, and celebration of the new regime AFTER saving the BC coast and doing our duty for COPE.

Travel Options for Sunday’s Meeting