On Thursday it started raining in earnest.   This time of year, it’s hard to believe that in Vancouver, we usually go through a dryer period in the summer.  When we had a COPE majority on Park Board, we started working on water conservation measures.   This can include:

 – ensuring that any new water parks or water features in parks recirculate the water, and remediating existing ones where feasible.  I

 – putting drought-resistant plants and grasses in our parks

 – planting trees with root systems that hold water in the soil

Another measure that can be taken is to install water collection systems that gather water in times like these – when it rains heavily – and store them in covered cisterns for use in dryer months.   This requires a capital expenditure – money – to build the cisterns in the first place, but it will ensure that in parks that need to be watered in the dryer months – such as those with playing fields or gardens – draw far less from our municipal water system.

Thursday, October 30 – Water, water everywhere – but?

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