At the Vision Fundraising dinner on Thursday evening, I talked to a man who is an artist and interested in the availability of healthy, environmentally sustainable foods in the city.  He was happy to find out that the Park Board has planted edible fruit-bearing trees in some parks and would like to see this expanded, possibly including some nut-bearing trees, and fig trees for areas where there is a south-west exposure.  He also mentioned that there is now a "Green" certification for restaurants that use organic and locally-sourced products and would like to see this extended to Park Board food vendors.  I thought this was a good fit with the "Ocean Wise" designation that COPE Commissioner Spencer Herbert championed, and also the "Buy Canadian" initiative that COPE Commissioner Loretta Woodcock is bringing forward to the Park Board on October 27.

As a artist who is also interested in environmental issues, he told me about art installations that can be used to provoke public awareness about environmental issues such as water conservation.   These art installations can sometimes use either recycled materials or natural plantings. 

After our conversation, I was very excited about what we can accomplish with a progressive Park Board both in terms of sustainability and arts initiatives.   A sustainable and artistically vibrant Vancouver for everyone!

Thursday, October 23 – Food, Sustainability, and Art

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