Unique in all of Canada is Vancouver’s elected Park Board first established in 1888. Vancouver’s Park Board has been and is a venerable institution in the civic life of Vancouver, growing into a vital part of the communities of Vancouver for the multitude of services and fitness opportunities that it provides.

The elected Board has been an integral part of Vancouver’s political discourse. It has provided responsible and responsive leadership to the people of Vancouver in defining their educational, cultural, fitness and social service needs. The Park Board has supported the public consultation and debate that has allowed the residents of our City to define themselves.

One of Vancouver’s longest serving mayors, Mayor Philip Owen launched his political career on Park Board. Much loved Vancouver East MP Libby Davies went on to Council and then to federal politics from Park Board. MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert defined his public policy program at Park Board. May Brown has become a city icon since starting her political career on Park Board in 1969.

The evening will be a night to enjoy wine and refreshments while listening to past Park Board commissioners, Spencer Chandra Herbert, Anita Romaniuk, current 3 term Park Board Commissioner Loretta Woodcock and by Skype from Toronto, Lyndsay Poaps speaking about the “Power of Park Board”.

Tickets are only $20, but space is limited so buy your tickets online here.

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The Power of Park Board: Celebrating the Vancouver Park Board