It was a full house at the Our Town Café on February 11, for another in COPE’s Talkin’ Politics series.

Speakers David Cadman – COPE City Councilor, Fred Bass – former COPE City Councilor and bicycle activist, and Tiffany Kalanj – Student Union of Vancouver Community College and student u-pass advocate, were a complementary trio. Cadman brought his depth of municipal experience to the forum and provided an overview of just how poorly planned our regional transit system has been and what needs to be done to get it back on track. Bass spoke to the impact all of us as individuals can make and used himself and his family as to illustrate a number of everyday examples of potential citizen actions. Tiffany spoke with passion about Translink’s failure to expand the Upass program to include all postsecondary students.

For a recount of the speakers’ presentations and highlights from the Q&A session go to: <>

As a party committed to community engagement and activism year-round and not just at election time, COPE launched its Talkin’ Politics series just over a year ago. Previous sessions have included topics such as co-ops in Vancouver, housing for everyone and women in politics. Once again COPE gratefully acknowledges the kind contribution of Chris Bouris for videoing the entire event.

Chris’ video can be viewed at

COPE’s next Talkin’ Politics will focus on Housing. Stay tuned for date, time and place. See you there.

Talkin' Politics – COPE talks about Transit, Bikes and Upass!

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