Please contribute to our end of year appeal.
It is now one year since the 2014 election campaign. In that election, COPE was the only party that raised the issues that needed to be debated, such as housing affordability and a tax on vacant properties, a meaningful living wage policy, and a truly accessible transit system through a universal pass for all of Vancouver. Our practical proposals opened a space to talk about an alternative to politics as usual and we need to keep the pressure on city hall by representing voters who demand a true social justice agenda.
In 2015, COPE has continued to connect with Vancouver’s neighbourhoods and communities around issues that matter to you. Our Transit Forum at the end of March was an outstanding success and resulted in progressive policy proposals that we will lobby for at city hall. Our Response to the Oil Spill meeting at the end of June brought together highly respected international and local experts and revealed the true cost of not protecting our coast. And the Vancouver Round Table and Resistance to Austerity Panel at our Issues Meeting on Nov 29 identified a number of pressing current issues and provided real examples of what progressive cities around the world have done to counter policies of austerity and what is possible going forward.
None of the above would have been possible without you. Our members and supporters are the lifeblood of COPE. You make it possible to fight for a fair city for all.

COPE is the only Progressive Political Party that is inclusive and offers an alternative politics with social justice.
We keep fighting for the people during, after and between elections.  COPE will continue to refuse the no-future logic of austerity and neo-liberalism and put forward positive, progressive alternatives.
For a strong and vibrant COPE fighting for a fairer and more just Vancouver, we need your help.
We need your time and we need your money.

Please give generously to our end of year campaign to help us keep the lights on for resistance and for hope.

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Warmest thanks

In solidarity

Connie and Tim

Support the social justice alternative to politics as usual