As a candidate, I try to engage people in Parks and Recreation issues wherever I go.  On Sunday, I:

1. Talked to a woman at Kits Farmers Market who was concerned about privacy issues when applying for a Leisure Access Card; she would also like to see the LAC program extended to cover services and facilities that are not covered now. 

2. Talked with a man at the Vision Campaign launch who uses the bus to get around Vancouver about the difficulty of accessing some Parks and Recreation venues using public transit.

3. Talked with a couple of people at the Celebration of Mel Lehan at St James Community Square about the value of having affordable venues to showcase our local artists and their works.   Mel, and many of us who admire him, like music and visual arts.  Mel has done a fabulous job over the past 14 years of making St James Community Square available at reasonable prices to the community, including the performing arts.  Mel justly deserves the plaque that was unveiled in his honour (with help from the Raging Grannies, one of whom was his sister!). 

Our parks and community centres also act as affordable venues for performing and visual arts.  COPE supports making the arts accessible to all – to enhance our quality of life and support the artists who contribute so much to our city’s culture.

Sunday, October 19 – Discussing the Issues During the Campaign

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