On February 26, Mayor Sam Sullivan and
Vancouver City Council will hear what the public thinks about his patented
“EcoDensity” plan. COPE Cllr David Cadman has called Sullivan’s plan
“density for developers with very little Eco.” And so far a coalition
of community groups agrees.

The coalition includes the Douglas Park
Residents Association, the Kensington Cedar Cottage CityPlan Vision
Implementation Committee, the Dunbar Residents Association, and 22 other
neighbourhood groups and community associations.

“We want a sustainable city, not just
a dense one,” said Mel Lehan, coalition spokesperson and long time
community activist. Lehan says the
process is being rammed through Council and the new EcoDensity Charter could
result in “40-storey towers that will be built in the middle of

Former COPE Cllr Anne Roberts says
EcoDensity has not been clearly defined and the process ignores the work by
community groups and individual residents who have spent a decade developing
community visions for their neighbourhoods.

“Council has already adopted community
visions that contain plans for increasing density,” said Roberts.
“But while density is a recognized means of achieving sustainable
communities, it is only one of many means. D
without mechanisms to ensure the provision of affordable housing may result in
an increasing lack of affordable housing.”

“Vancouver is approaching a crisis
with affordable housing increasingly beyond the reach of ordinary working
people, students, low income earners and even many professionals,” said

Cadman will be asking Council to hold
off approving Sullivan’s EcoDensity Charter until sufficient community and
social amenities and infrastructure, especially adequate buses and rapid
transit, are built into the plan. He also wants the City to engage in public
consultation that is democratic, transparent, and community based.

Vancouver City Council will hold a
public hearing on EcoDensity on Tues, Feb 26 at 7:30 pm at Vancouver City Hall,
453 W 12 Ave, Vancouver.
To let Mayor Sam Sullivan and Council know what you think of his EcoDensity
plan contact the City Clerk at 604-873-7276 or <info@vancouver.ca> to get
on the speakers list.

Sullivan’s "EcoDensity" or real sustainable communities