I had an amazing experience today participating in our "Stories form the B-Line" outreach event.

This campaign has been a bit different than past election campaigns as we are spending a lot of our time listening to voters instead of just talking at them. This morning we talked with transit users on the 99 B-Line and at the Commercial, Main St and Granville St stops. I had the opportunity to hear about the experiences of many transit commuters and I am glad to hear also that most agree with our transit policies.

One comment that struck me most was from a woman who had given up her car a year and a half ago. She said that the transit service is inadequate for her needs- too infrequent for her to get many places in good time. She is now considering buying another car.

For the health of our city and for the future of our planet we need to help people get out of their cars. That’s why COPE supports the bus driver’s union in calling for More Buses Now!

Stories from the B-Line

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