COPE listens to voters. Our policies were developed in an open and democratic process and now, candidates are taking time to listen to voters’ concerns instead of simply broadcasting the party platform. Since transit is an issue of such great concern to Vancouverites, COPE candidates have chosen to ride the bus to hear what they think.

This page will be updated regularly and includes comments from those who live, work and/or study in Vancouver.

Here are our collected Stories from the B-Line:

“It seems like City Hall thinks in the short term, and only consider economic costs [of transit]. What matters on a more basic level are the environmental and societal costs of transit. Transit is a right, and so, really, it should be free.”
-Disha, Fairview

“Because of our city’s housing situation, people are now forced to live outside of the city, and getting into the city by car is very difficult. Transit should reach out further because we are being forced to live outside of our own city and we currently face an unreliable system that is even worse on weekends.”
-Noreen, Kingsway

“I used to live in Germany where the transit is great. What I’ve realized is that this city’s transit layout is great, like that of a highly efficient city like Germany, but there are too many stress spots—like Broadway and Commerical and Granville—and not enough buses and trains … so our seemingly great layout is not working for people. We end up being late for work by the time we get on a bus or if we miss our connection, and if our work is affected, the rest of our lives are affected. Even if we make our schedule on time, we’ve spent hours dealing with the worst side of humanity from frustrated commuters, and this “bus rage” sets the tone for our whole day. Transit is now a quality of life issue. I think I’m going to give up on transit and buy a motorcycle.”
– Scott, Surrey

“I live by Brentwood Mall and work on Commercial drive. I’ve lived here my whole life and watched as our city [population] is expanding and, because transit hasn’t grown to accommodate us, I see people getting refused service due to crowds. I don’t know what’s going on with the city’s plans for transit. No one does except those inside the [City Hall] building. We need to know what’s going on; we need a system that is shaped by our needs. Like a free pass for those in need and have Skytrain open earlier on the weekends. Some of us work on the weekends!”
-Salvatore, Brentwood Mall

“I’m studying medicine at UBC, and so I need to spend many hours at school, but I live all the way in Coquitlam—which is 1.5 hours each way. The time it would take to travel this distance in a city like Montreal—where I’d really like to live—would be cut way down. I don’t really know why Vancouver’s system is so inadequate. All I know is that [City Hall has] been talking about various improvements for years and nothing is done, and then, all of a sudden something totally unhelpful and expensive will happen … they need to think before they spend.”
– Mani, Coquitlam

“I have only one chance to get to school on time, and then I have to work my day around knowing I have to wait hours and hours to come home. Once I get into the city, sometimes I have to wait until 9:30 just to get on the B-line. Vancouver transit is not a service that serves its people, the people have to serve the transit.”
-Julie, Delta

“I gave up my car a year and a half ago and chose to get around by transit and bike. Transit service has turned out to be so bad that I am considering buying a car again.”

– Steven, Burnaby


See video from our first “Stories from the B-Line” event on Monday:


Stories from the B-Line – with Youtube video