The NEB is meeting in a casino to gamble away our health and environment in favour of profits for multinational fossil fuel distributors. Stephen Harper’s hand picked National Energy Board is trampling over local self-determination by abusing powers that may only ever have been justified for protecting Canadians’ energy security (if at all), and with those powers is doing the exact opposite! – namely facilitating the export of energy resources of a kind that is globally harmful and in a form that also harms the local environment where extracted, and brings risks of major health hazards to every community it passes through.

The opening of the hearings on Monday prompted a major demonstration, led by a number of aboriginal leaders (including COPE council candidate Audrey Siegel) along with Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder-Morgan Expansion (BROKE) and various other allied groups. Several other COPE members were there including council candidate Lisa Barrett and board member Lawrence Boxall. At that event the Dogwood Initiative pledged to maintain a picket throughout the week and there will be another major demonstration on Saturday (Jan 23). Here’s the facebook event page for Saturday’s demo.

Check out also the Dogwood analysis of how Harper set this up, and the BROKE call to action listing a number of related events.

Don’t let the NEB Gamble with our safety and environment