Rally Against Israeli Apartheid
Sunday, February 10th at 3pm
Vancouver Art Gallery

– Jews for Just Peace
– Carol Martin: Indigenous Elders Council
– La Surda Latin American Collective
– David Henry: Alliance for People’s Health
– Mordechai Briemberg: long time Palestine solidarity activist
– Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign
– others TBC

For over two years, the Canadian government has been a staunch supporter
of a comprehensive sage and sanctions regime against the Gaza Strip. In
response to the Palestinian elections in January 2006, Israel has
pursued a policy of collective punishment against the 1.5 million
residents of Gaza, severely restricting all shipments of food, medical
supplies, fuel and humanitarian aid in an effort to pressure Gazans to
bring down their elected government.

Join us on February 10th as we will be taking part in international events
organized for Israel Apartheid Week by rallying to demand an end to
Canada’s complicity in the siege of Gaza and Israel’s ongoing oppression
and displacement of the Palestinian people and calling for an
international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions initiatives
against Apartheid Israel.

Organized by the Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign. For more
information, call 604-682-3269 ext. 7786 or email Part of international events for Israel
Apartheid Week:

Stop the siege of Gaza: Rally against Israeli apartheid

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