Walkabout at Beaver Lake with Commissioner Woodcock & Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES): A dialogue on biodiversity and its positive impact on communities

Meet at Stanley Park Pavilion, 2nd floor (entrance on parking side of building) In offices of Stanley Park Ecology Society 

Loretta Woodcock is a 3 term COPE Park Board Commissioner and the Board’s liaison to the Stanley Park Ecology Society with a long record of public service and advocacy for rehabilitation of natural habitat. Since 1995 when Loretta and her family moved next to the Camosun Bog, they… were instrumental in initiating the Camosun Bog project that transformed a neglected park space in Pacific Spirit Park to a community outdoor educational resource.

Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) is an internationally renowned environmental organization whose mission is "to promote public interest in and to encourage a greater understanding of wildlife and to support wildlife conservation and survival programs".

Join Commissioner Woodcock and the SPES on a facilitated walk around Beaver Lake for a dialogue that celebrates the critters and fauna of the Park. SPES will provide exciting activities for children to explore and learn about the lake while adults will participate in a facilitated discussion on threats to the biodiversity of habitats. Coffee and biodegradable cups will be provided, but we encourage you to bring your own travel mug.

In May of this year SPES released its long awaited report on the biodiversity of Stanley Park entitled “The State of the Park Report for the Ecological Integrity of Stanley Park”.
The report provides an overview and biophysical inventory of species and habitat of the park. The report also warns of threats to the park and identifies gaps in knowledge that need to be identified.

The guided walk will introduce some of the issues in the report such as loss of certain species such as the Western Painted Turtle and decreased water levels in Beaver Lake.

While introducing issues from SPES report the walk aims to gauge participant’s response to some question about the lake such as:
1. What would you like to see happen to Beaver Lake?
2. How can you see yourself using the Lake?
3. Should the lake be reclaimed? 

Stanley Park Beaver Lake Walkabout and Dialogue on Biodiversity

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