Several motions brought or amended by COPE councillors David Cadman and Ellen Woodsworth have received strong support  at the annual meeting of the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) this week.

The first resolution, brought by COPE Councillor Woodsworth to Vancouver City Council in June, asked for arts investment to be re-instated by the provincial and federal governments as part of an economic stimulus plan. It passed with unanimous consent at the beginning of its plenary session on Wednesday.

The second COPE-supported motion called for a national housing strategy and was passed with an overwhelming majority later in the day. Initially collapsed into another motion about using pine beetle to build new houses, Councillor Woodsworth worked with housing advocates to get it back on the floor as its own stand-alone motion.

Another motion, amended by Councillor Cadman at Vancouver City Council, which calls on the provincial government to get rid of the HST, passed this morning.

“The City of Vancouver has said abandon the HST and now the UBCM has called on the provincial government to abandon the HST,” says Councillor Cadman. “It is time for the provincial government to listen to the people of British Columbia and abandon this tax grab that will cost the average British Columbian an additional $800 dollars and stall BC’s recession recovery.”

Councillor Woodsworth’s emergency motions on reinstating direct access gaming funding (to arts and civil society) and on campaign finance reform did not hit the floor before debate came to an end at 10:30am on Friday. They will be referred to the UBCM executive.

According to Councillor Woodsworth, “while I am disappointed that we ran out of time to hear my emergency motions, clearly, the UBCM is united in calling on provincial and federal governments to support our work to build healthy municipalities.”

Several COPE proposals receive overwhelming support at UBCM