Today, I dropped into the COPE Campaign Office in between leafleting at the Roundhouse where there was a Diwali Festival, and going to do more leafleting at Main & Broadway.  The campaign office was hopping with volunteers and staff, phoning, getting leaflets ready, organizing the candidates….

There are 9 of us who are candidates in this election, and we are the people who are "seen" in public while mainstreeting or at all-candidates meetings and so on.  However, there are many more people who are helping out with the campaign, both our COPE campaign staff who organize the campaign and keep the candidates going, and volunteers who phone canvass or foot canvass, mainstreet and door-knock with candidates, and help out on Election Day.

Thank you, thank you, all!  We need as many volunteers as possible if we are going to elect a COPE-Vision-Green Majority to Council, School Board, and Park Board on November 15.

Of course, if anyone reading this ISN’T volunteering yet, you can drop by the COPE office at 585 East Broadway or phone 604-589-0080 and you’ll be welcomed with heartfelt enthusiasm!

Thank you again!

Saturday, November 1 – Wonderful Volunteers! Wonderful Campaign Staff!

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