On Wednesday, Sarah Beuhler announced her resignation from her position as COPE Executive Director, taking responsibility for the failure to include all received donations in COPE’s voluntary disclosure of campaign contributions on November 4th, 2014.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Beuhler for her hard work and the many contributions she made to COPE, particularly in her role as Campaign Manager during the 2014 election campaign. We respect her decision to resign, and we would like recognize her integrity for taking responsibility for a serious mistake.

In light of media coverage of the resignation, it is our responsibility to clarify that Beuhler did take responsibility for the specific error in disclosure, and not for accepting the campaign contributions from the donor.

Earlier this week, the COPE Executive acknowledged the lack of a clear policy and vetting procedure for processing campaign contributions and publicly apologized to voters, volunteers, and candidates. Beuhler’s resignation also highlights communication problems during the campaign, and we will continue to look into and remedy these issues.

This is not a final statement and COPE is initiating an internal process to look into this matter in a timely and transparent manner.
COPE’s Executive Director Steps Down