Metro Vancouverites Poorly Served by Process for Transit Plebiscite

COPE deplores the process that gave rise to the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation plebiscite. This process has excluded the electorate from the formulation of the question and divides working people by confounding separate issues.

COPE therefore calls for ongoing discussions on how to develop the Lower Mainland and build a workable and accessible transit system on a rational and sustainable basis.

We have no faith in the validity of any result from this vote, but urge citizens and COPE members to vote on this plebiscite according to their conscience.

“The provincial government has shown bad faith with the citizens of Metro Vancouver during this process and has shown that they lack a commitment to transit improvements. This was clearly demonstrated by changing the promised binding referendum to a non-binding plebiscite“ Connie Hubbs – Co Chair

“No one disagrees with the need for significant improvement in our transit system. The question is do we want to spend our transit dollars wisely or misspend transit dollars as this plan advocates. The electorate should have been offered the opportunity to vote on each of the component parts proposed by the Mayor’s Council” Tim Louis – Co Chair

RELEASE: COPE Deplores Transit Plebiscite Process