Reclaim May 1st, International Worker’s Day

May Day March & Rally
Thursday, May 1, 2008
5:30 pm || Gather at Clark Park at Commercial Drive and East 14th
6:00 pm || May Day March
Organized by the May Day Organizing Committee

With imperialist globalization, workers around the world are facing undeniable attacks.

Hard-won wages, benefits and social services are now being cruelly eroded as Canada joins other imperialist countries in forcing through policies of labour flexibilization in the name of ‘free trade’ and the neo-liberal agenda.

Even more vulnerable and under attack are Canada’s immigrant, migrant, and undocumented workers whose numbers in Canada are only increasing and whose exploitation is intensifying. Working class women are experiencing increased exploitation as cuts to welfare, daycare and other public services push women into the low-wage workforce, while they continue to perform unpaid labour in the home to take care of children and elderly people, and maintain their families. Youth are also being hard-hit by labour flexibilization and policies of imperialist globalization that are conditioning young people with ideas like "life-long learning" in the face of rising tuition fees while preparing youth to accept low-paying, unstable and perpetual contract work.  Immigrant and migrant youth end-up in low-wage work at fast food chains or in factories with little to no knowledge about their rights and protection. With these rapid changes and the increasing use of cheap migrant and immigrant labour,  racism is being used to divide workers in Canada, keeping us from seeing our common exploitation and enemy.

It is not surprising that in the last decade, there has been a groundswell of workers’ and people’s discontent and protest in Canada. In B.C., workers’ have been on the verge of launching general strikes twice in the last two years. It is urgent, now more than ever, that workers and the oppressed in Canada stand together in genuine solidarity against these intensifying attacks of the imperialist system.

Expose & Oppose the exploitation of migrant, immigrant & undocumented labour!
No to flexible labour!
Build genuine international solidarity against imperialism!

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Reclaim May 1 International Workers Day

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