Cycle, sing, and act against a monster Canadian Tire development at Marine!
Mon., Nov. 5th  (5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.) Bike rally, street theatre, Solidarity Notes  City Hall (12th and Cambie, on south side)
Canadian Tire plans to build a Big Box project that will be the size of 4.5
football fields.  It will generate up to 11,000 car trips a day, pumping an
estimated 7,000 more tons/year into our air.   Cars will clog nearby
neighbourhoods and bikeways, putting children and cyclists at risk.   Local
stores will be forced to close.  And, once Cdn Tire is approved, Wal-Mart
will be next.  Plus three more Big Box stores.
*    Cycle to protect the Ontario and Kent bikeways
*    Stand up for clean air, reduced traffic, safer neighbourhoods
*    Speak out for small businesses in neighbourhood shopping area
*    Harmonize with Solidarity Notes and fellow citizens to demand the
city respect neighbours don’t want Big Box stores
Also, sign up to speak at the city’s public hearing where final decision
will be made:
    Tues., Nov. 13th, at 7:30 p.m. at city hall.  Call  604 873 7269.
See attachment for all the background, everything you need to know to:
*    make a presentation at city hall
*    write an email to the mayor and council ( HYPERLINK
*    write a Letter to the Editor

Please distribute this notice as widely as possible.  Thank you.

Rally to stop Can-Tire Big Box development on Marine Drive

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