LANDS! (Let’s Agree Not to Dispose of Schools!)

TO:  DPAC Chairs, Community Leaders and Concerned Citizens
RE:  School closures and sale of school lands – Rally at the Leg!
You are invited…
On Monday April 7th at 11:30 am we are holding a province-wide rally at the Legislature to highlight and stop the sell-off of public school lands.  We need your help.
Why?  These lands were given in public trust for all generations of children and they are not ours to sell. Universal public education is a cornerstone of our democracy and our economic security.  Our future depends on keeping these lands in public hands.
Background:  The Ministry of Education has told the school districts to “bring money to the table” if they need money for capital projects such as new schools, thereby forcing school districts to close schools and sell the land. (Please see ‘Backgrounder’ for more information)
We are working to unite parents, students, citizens, school districts and municipalities to convince the Provincial government to fully fund capital spending and support sustainable public education for future generations.
Capitulating and selling off public lands and assets has only resulted in further sell-offs.  Someone has to put a stop to this – and that someone must be all of us!
Thank you – and see you April 7th at 11:30!
Jessica Van der Veen, Stephanie Longstaff, Stephanie J. Lumley, Meagan Blaquiere & Blaine Castle
E-mail:   <>          phone: Jessica (250) 598-9272
PS.  Remember, once these schools lands are disposed of we will never get them back.  Join us!  If you can’t make it to Victoria on April 7th, please contact us for more information on how you can support this cause in your part of the Province.

Rally at the Leg to Save Our Schools

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