The Rainforest Information Centre of NSW Australia
( is sponsoring a road show, Climate Change,
Despair, and Empowerment, that is travelling around the world.  Kelly
Tudhope, from the Centre, will be here next Wednesday night, August 15 at
7:00 PM at the HR MacMillan Space Centre 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver to
make the presentation.

Two groups are supporting the presentation–Western Canada Wilderness
Committee and Community Climate Change. Attached is the poster for the

The August 15 event complements nicely the Global Warming Cafes that
Community Climate Change is planning for Sept 30 2 PM (WISE Hall) and
October 21 2 PM (St James Community Square).

If you have questions about the event please email or call (see below).

If your are interested in printed copies of the pamphlet or flyer, please
contact Andrew Radzik at the Wilderness Committee (see his email address
above).  Attached are a PDF of the poster announcing the event and a PDF of
handouts for the event.  Please distribute these as widely as you can.

Fred Bass,
Member, Community Climate Change

Tel     604-657-1481

Public Forum: Climate change, despair and empowerment

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